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Fall 2019 Clients

  • CLARK CONTSRUCTION - Clark Construction is is one of the largest commercial and civil contractors in the country. VCG will engage in market research, interviews, and data analysis to improve Change Order policies relative to the official corporate policy.
  • BLUE RIDGE BANK -  Blue Ridge Bankshares provides a wide range of financial services to customers across Virginia and North Carolina and is looking to expand their deposit growth by targeting new demographics in the market. VCG will analyze deposit acquisition and growth from the perspective of the college student market. 
  • LIFESCHOOL - LifeSchool is a Charlottesville-based start-up that helps undergraduate and recently graduated students explore a variety of career paths and prepare for interviews. VCG will develop nontraditional marketing strategies and build out a new exploration program.
  • CARD CRUNCHER - Card Cruncher is an affiliate marketing site for credit cards that calculates user spending and other data to automatically find the best cards suited for them. By matching spending habits with the database, CardCruncher maximizes the financial value of rewards. VCG will research Card Cruncher’s competitive landscape and digital marketing strategies to drive website traffic.
  • UVA Thrift - UVA Thrift is UVA’s first and only student-run Instagram thrift store. As the company is in the Start-Up and Growth stages, VCG will help UVA Thrift develop their business model and present recommendations moving forward.
  • Division 1-on-1 Trainers - Division 1-On-1 Trainers is the only NCAA-approved platform that connects college athletes to young athletes for in-person personal sports training sessions.VCG will recommend best practices to define the business model by conducting research on campus expansion strategies, camp style models, and customer acquisition strategies.
  • RHOBACK - Rhoback Activewear is a men’s activewear company that seamlessly ties together sportswear and style. VCG will be looking into researching new hat manufacturing solutions, conducting a website audit, and increasing Rhoback’s presence in the UVA and Charlottesville communities.
  • DITTO - Ditto is an early stage tool that connects small businesses to freelancers to facilitate project management and payment processing,introducing needed elements of both elasticity and security. VCG will define Ditto’s pricing model and recommend product launch strategies.
  • NEUROVIEW - NeuroView creates new tools to help medical professionals make better decisions when assessing neurological patients. VCG will be conducting a comprehensive market research and defining NeuroView’s business model as they recently shifted from hospitals to patients as the primary customer.
  • JUZA AFRICA - Juza Africa is a technology and consulting non-profit organization in Kenya focused on improving literacy and making the educational process more efficient and effective for schools in Africa using technology inspired solutions. VCG will help Juza Africa research grant foundations, brainstorm funding strategies, and collect relevant data to measure the impact of their digital learning tools.

Select Previous Clients

  • DOMINION - Dominion is a Fortune 200 power and energy company. VCG worked on a project focused on the residential rooftop solar market. 
  • UNANET - Unanet is an Inc. 5000 enterprise software company building ERP solutions. VCG conducted market analysis on integration infrastructure. 
  • PAKA - Paka is an apparel company with products handmade from alpaca wool. VCG analyzed the apparel market through focus groups, conducted an online marketing campaign, and hosted a well-attended advertising event at a local establishment.
  • ROOTS - Roots Natural Kitchen is a healthy eating fast casual restaurant that focuses on providing clean and healhty ingredients in a tasty and cost-efficient way. VCG conducted market sizing and market entry research to assist in the development of a SAAS product.
  • CBIC - The Charlottesville Business Innovation Council is a non-profit organization that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship among technology-focused organizations. VCG conducted market research and a competitive analysis among similar programs to improve the organization's local impact.
  • STREAMSENSE - StreamSense is a biomedical company that tracks health through  long-term monitoring of biomarkers and bio-indicators. VCG performed extensive market research with the support of the National Science Foundation, prepared an industry analysis report, and made recommendations on a pricing strategy. 
  • HACK CVILLE  - Hack Cville is a non-profit organization that offers classes, programs, and start-up trips to students. VCG conducted market research to optimize program offerings and cater to student preferences.

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