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Our board includes students of various years and majors. We represent diverse backgrounds and skills, collaborating to make VCG the best that it can be!

Sarah Lewis

Sarah is a fourth-year majoring in Commerce and Mathematics, concentrating in Finance, IT, and Statistics. She has been involved with VCG since Fall 2016, working with clients on various topics including data analytics, product management, and biomedicine. Sarah enjoys spending her free time running and watching Ted talks. Her email is

Winston Chen

Executive Vice President
Winston is a fourth-year majoring in Commerce and Mathematics, with a keen interest in the quantitative side of financial economics. Having been with VCG since his first semester at UVA, Winston has found his involvement both rewarding and enjoyable. In his spare time, Winston has tried and failed to learn to play ukulele multiple times.

Scott Horowitz

VP of External Relations
Scott is a fourth-year studying in McIntire. He has been involved with VCG since his second semester at UVA and has been in both the team member and project leader position. Having worked with two separate clients, he is excited to step into an external relations role in the coming semester. In his free time, Scott enjoys skiing, hiking, and is an aspiring photographer.

Dillon McGowan

Advisory Board Chair
Dillon is a fourth-year majoring in Systems Engineering and Economics. He has been involved in VCG since fall of 2017 and has worked with clients in medical devices and global healthcare. In his free time, Dillon enjoys exercising and solving Sudoku puzzles.

Max Chodes

Recruitment Chair
Max is a third-year in McIntire concentrating in Finance with a track in Real Estate. Max joined VCG in his third semester at UVA, most recently serving as Project Leader for the Clark Construction engagement. In the Fall, he looks forward to spearheading recruitment outreach efforts and the new member selection process. In his free time, Max loves to travel and watch any and all Hoos’ sporting events. 

Joe Korn

VP of Finance
Joe is a third-year studying Commerce and Computer Science. He has been with VCG since his first semester at UVA working as both a project leader and an analyst. In the past, Joe has worked with a wide array of clients including a luxury activewear brand, a data management tool for financial institutions, and a revolutionary project management platform. In his free time, Joe enjoys anything and everything outdoors: skiing, swimming, and mountain biking.

Ethan Chase

VP of Mentorship
Ethan is a third-year in Mcintire, concentrating in Finance and Accounting. He has been with VCG since his first semester at UVA and has worked on website optimization and market research for startups. Outside of VCG he is involved in a student-run Hedge Fund, Colonnade Capital, and is in greek life. In his free time, you'll find Ethan going for a hike or watching football with his friends, hoping his fantasy football team does well.

Vignesh Mulay

VP of Development
Vignesh is a third-year student studying Commerce and Statistics. He has been involved in VCG since Fall 2017 and has worked with multiple clients across various sectors. From conducting market research for Roots to analyzing the urinalysis industry for StreamSense, Vignesh has learned a lot during his time with VCG and is eager to learn more. In his free time, he enjoys keeping up with all things sports, and even writes for the Cavalier Daily’s sports section.

Nikash Sethi

Director of External Relations
Nikash is a third-year engineering student majoring in computer science and sociology with a minor in business. This is his fifth semester with VCG, and has previously worked with Myriad Data Solutions, LoftSmart, and Simili. Outside of VCG, Nikash is involved in organizing HooHacks (UVA’s annual hackathon) and is on the development team for theCourseForum. In his free time, you can find him endlessly browsing YouTube.

Tarun Garg

Director of Finance
Tarun is a third-year studying Commerce with concentration in Finance and double majoring in Statistics. An international student from city of Taj Mahal, his passion for solving problems prompted him to join VCG and he has worked with clients such as XMode and Clark Construction. Outside of VCG, Tarun serves as a program director for CASH and is a member of the Global Markets Group as well as the Virginia Club Badminton.

Leo Wang

Director of Development
Leo is currently a third-year in McIntire studying Finance and IT. He has been with VCG since the second semester of his first year, and has found his experience to be extremely rewarding. When he isn't busy, Leo loves getting involved with the start-up scene in Charlottesville, trying new restaurants, and planning travels around the world.

Kaylee Guan

Director of External Relations
Kaylee is a third-year studying Commerce. This is her fourth semester with VCG and has worked as both a project leader and analyst. Previous clients ranged from drone startups to location data platforms. Outside of VCG, Kaylee enjoys volunteering with Madison House, competing in case competitions, and being outdoors for a run or hike.

​Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.

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