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Explore the application process, a typical project timeline, and answered FAQs.


  1. APPLICATION - We conduct recruitment twice a year, at the beginning of every semester. High performing returning members do not have to fill out the written application but will be required to interview. New member applications are due by 11:59PM on August 23rd.
  2. INTERVIEW - If selected to interview, you will meet with members of the executive board for a first-round behavioral interview. First-round interviews typically last 15 minutes. High-performing interviewees will then be selected for a second-round interview that consists of solving a basic case. Second-round interviews typically last 20 minutes. If selected to interview, you will receive an email with further instructions.
  3. MEMBERSHIP INVITATION - After interviews complete, offers will be extended via phone call and decisions will be delivered to your email address. We either extend a membership invitation, a waitlist notification, or advice on how to improve your application for the next recruitment cycle. Potential members typically have 24 hours to respond to our offer before we extend invitations to our waitlist candidates. 


Individual timelines will be created based on the needs of each client.

Initial Training and Team Meeting

Once accepted into our organization, we have an initial meeting where you will learn about your expectations as an analyst, receive basic training on client interaction, and meet your team for the first time.

Workshops and Work Sessions

The organization hosts educational workshops ranging from data visualization to best case interview practices. We bring in outside organizations, such as Bain, to host these workshops alongside our executive board. 

Project leaders schedule additional work sessions. Analysts are expected to attend and work with their team to discuss the week's findings and plans moving forward. 

Client Meetings

Teams typically meet with their client face-to-face or over phone call biweekly. Members discuss the week's progress and receive work assignments for the future. Project leaders faciliate client interaction and are responsible for meeting the team's deadlines.

Organization Mixers

Get to meet your fellow analysts in a casual setting. Previous social events have included renting out all of JumpCville (yes, we had the entire place to ourselves!), enjoying smoothies together, and relaxing at pre-games. 

Final Presentation and Deliverable

At the end of the semester, all teams will present their findings to other analysts, the executive board, and clients. Teams are also expected to prepare a deliverable summarizing the semester's work and recommendations for the client.


Google defines consulting as the business of giving expert advice to other professionals, typically in financial and business matters.

We define consulting as understanding a client's problems, working successfully with a team to solve these problems, and having a great time doing so.

VCG experience has directly helped members get offers at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Deloitte, EY, APT, Capital One, Booz Allen, Accenture, and Cornerstone! Additionally, professional mentors and development sessions will better prepare you for a career in consulting.

Our acceptance rate varies every year. For the Fall 2019 recruitment cycle, our acceptance rate for new members hovered around 9%.

Yes! You can apply to be a PL as long as you demonstrate commitment, organization, and passion. We’ve had second and third years join the club as PLs and do amazing things.

Of course! We love analysts with a wide variety of backgrounds and certainly don't limit our applicant pool to just commerce students.